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We have officiay launched the UK's first Native Bee haven on a national Trust property in the UK

In September a group of local beekeepers came together to launch the Native bee haven status at Naional Trust Godolphin , we hope the first of many. This followed the installation of two remote hive sensoring devices on the site in collaboration with Pollenize in Plymouth, part of over 200 monitoring systems that will feed information on our bees into a central feed to enable researchers, acedemics and conservation groups to do valuable work conserving and protecting honey bees.



Live interview and article bout the Godolphin launch
Video of Tim Smitt talking about the Eden reserve


Blacks Cornish Bee Project.

The project is now 10 years old and we manage 3 apiary sites in West Cornwall. One
close to Coverack on the Lizard , one at National Trust Godolphin near Helston, the newest is on a site in Treluswell , managed along with 16 allotment plots. Blacks Cornish Bees is a 'not for profit' Community Interst Company
The project is keen to conserve and protect the native population of bees and raise awareness of the positive atributes and outcomes of working with the Cornish variant of AMM bees in colaboration with all the groups and individual beekeepers sharing this vision. Bob is a director of the B4 Project and a secretary at the Cornwall Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Group, antributer to Bee improvent progam for Cornwall and a member of the West Cornwall Beekeepers Group.

For further information on the project and bee improvement in Cornwall follow our links and contact: info@cornishbees.com


Native 'British Bees' could hold key to honeybee survival


You can help save native bees by working with us to develop and improve bee stocks. Click here.

A honeybee colony rearing 150000 bees a year, needs 20kg pollen & 60kg of nectar approx 3million trips for the honey & 1.3 million for pollen!

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