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A Cornish bee project

Paignton Zoo adopted Cornish Black bees to assist with promoting bee health (www.paigntonzoo.org.uk)
The Lost gardens of Heligan have now adopted Native bees and have display for visitors
Native bees are also now part of the Paradise Park visitor experience
Godolphin house is now listed on the B4 website and new signage is imminant

We are having some remarkable success in our bee breeding program, working with nature and selection to get back to a native strain of honey bee. Below on the left you will see the general bees in the surounding area both by Morphometry and DNA Sampling and on the right the far greater degree of native content of our Bees , bees from our breeding program are also becoming easier to handle and are exhibiting less inclination to get overwhealmed by varroa and other pests.

alice controll alice mine

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The latest DNA Analysis carried out in 2015 by Apigenix in Switzerland has demonstrated without doubt that we now have AMM bees in our stocks which are from 94.4% pure native bees to an astonishing 99.4% pure

The results are shown for our bees below:

17 Bob Black Sea view farm, Boswin
19 Bob Black , Falmouth
20 Bob Black Chyanhall, Treluswell
21 Bob Black Godolphin, Helston

The graph shows the range of genetics in the samples taken this year.