About our Honey 
Our honey is Raw, unheated and coarse filtered. That is, our raw honey is only strained to remove any bits of honey comb, debris and wax, so it still contains original pollen because it is not fine filtered. We do not heat the honey like commercial honey packers do to break down any sugar crystals. That is why their honey will stay clear on the supermarket shelf. Of course, heat above 115 deg destroys the antioxidants, important enzymes, vitamins and other beneficial attributes. Also many people find that heated honey looses much of its natural aroma and flavour.
We are a small producer with hives located in and around Falmouth in rural areas away from commercial property and agricultural chemical use. If honey doesnt say 'raw' on the label then it most likely isn't.

We only produce a small honey surplus each year as we allow our bees to keep the majority for overwintering and spring buildup, to minimise the need to feed sugars and supliments.

Our honey is currently available through just two outlets.

Godolphin Honey is available from the reception area at Godolphin House during opening hours: Godolphin House, Nr Godolphin Cross, Helston, TR13 9RE.

Falmouth Honey

Available from:

Baileys Country Stores 

 2, Eastwood Park, Eastwood Rd, Penryn TR10 8LA call: 01326 379888


Currently Unavailable


We are curently growing and refining our own bee stocks and are able to offer a small number of nucleus and full colonies every year. These are generally available from April to June . Email for details

When we have no more available, good quality local bees can be obtained from the contacts below.

Jo Widecombe jowid@idnet.com
Matt Pitt mattpitt@aol.com

Nick Jones beenative1@gmail.com

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